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In-Depth Analysis Tools

Conscious Investor makes it easy to perform in-depth analysis on companies. Below we give a few examples of some of the ways that this is done.

The Chart below shows the High Price Earnings (PE) Ratio, the Low PE Ratio and the Current PE Ratio for Microsoft Corporation (MSFT). By charting the historic High, Low and Current Price Earnings Ratios together we get a quick visual understanding of the price trading range for a stock. We can determine at a glance whether or not the Current Price Earnings Ratio is relatively high or low for any stock. 

Similarly, you can chart the Price Earnings Ratios of any stock in relation to all of the other companies within its Industry (for the Current or past years). This allows you to see at a glance how any stock compares with its peers.

The above graphic below is not to scale. The actual chart is much bigger. For illustration purposes, we have "zoomed in" on the chart to show you Microsoft's Price Earnings Ratio in relation to the rest of the stocks within its Industry.

Once you have analyses and selected a stock of interest, you then need to establish a Target Purchase Price in order to achieve your minimum required rate of return (eg 15% per annum). You do this using the "What If Analysis" tools within Conscious Investor. You can then enter your purchase (or sale) parameters into the Conscious Investor Watch List. You may enter a target Price Earnings Ratio or other measures other than price as well.

Every time you update your copy of Conscious Investor, the Watch List box will activate if any of your pre-set triggers have been met.

The STRET box shows a default calculation for Stock Return (or total return). This box shows us that if we purchased Microsoft at the current prices - then $28.68 - assuming without making any adjustments to historic data (which we would normally do in order to reflect a higher "margin of safety") then we could expect to achieve an annual return of 18.2% per annum (including dividends and capital growth) over the next five years.

The second box shows TARG which is our Target Purchase (or Selling) Price. You can see that we've set our minimum return at 20% per annum. This means that we would need to purchase this stock at $26.39 to achieve our minimum return requirements.

For an introduction to some of the unique tools within Conscious Investor, click here.

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