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Your Target Buy/Sell Price

Conscious Investor contains many layers of proprietary tools. However, since they are combined in such a coherent way and since they are all supported by systematic training and support programs, everything is surprisingly effortless. One of the most important tools in Conscious Investor is the calculation of the best price to buy a stock to get your required return under your margin of safety. This tool is called TARGD.

TARGD refers to the “Target Price” that we need to pay for our stocks in order to achieve our minimum annual rate of return. In the above example, in order to receive a required return of 10% per annum, you must look to buy the stock at $1.75. If however you wanted to achieve a minimum rate of return of 15% per annum, then you would need to pay no more than $1.40 per stock.

In doing so, you are able to establish a "Margin of Safety" between the economic value of the business being purchased and the price being paid for it.

By assisting investors to identify and calculate the differences between price and value of quality businesses, Conscious Investor turns inevitable stock market volatility to your full advantage. It also makes it straightforward to compare a number of stocks and to choose the one that give gives the most value under your margin of safety.

When to Sell

On the other side, you can also calculate target prices that measure the over pricing of a stock. This provides a direct way of solving one of the biggest worries faced by most investors -- when to sell. Conscious Investor provides a complete framework to implement the fundamental rule: sell when you can you see another investment about which you are confident that you will get significantly more value for your money.

Demo Video

You will see more details of how this is implemented in the free Demo Video Using Conscious Investor to Buy and Sell at the Right Price.


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