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Why Should I Subscribe?

You do not have to worry that you spent money for a stock selection tool and you might not make enough in profits to pay for it. Dr. Price provides a totally risk free use of the Conscious Investor for the full year of your subscription. If you simply update your data every week (a process that takes a couple minutes) and you have not at least made back the full cost of your subscription as a result of your investment returns, we will refund your total subscription at the end of your subscription ... [ details ].

Access to our 10 year database of fundamental data This includes all relevant balance sheet, income statement and related information on all the companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, the AMEX, the NYSE, NASDAQ and the TSX and TSX Venture companies. In addition, the database includes all the crucial market information such as market capitalization, prices and all the information needed to provide the data for the Conscious Investor’s complex formulas that will determine what is the right purchase price.

This database is updated daily and you can download updated information at any time you choose. You have a choice of which country you would like to have and you can get the other countries for a small additional charge.

How does Conscious Investor Determine the Purchase Price? The interlinking sophisticated algorithms take the financial information from the 10 years of balance sheets and income statements, combines it with the market data for the same period, and develops its trademarked answers so you can determine which is the right purchase price and which is the right sale price. Exactly how the program does it can best be described as taking an almost unmanageable amount of data, ratios etc. and quite simply translating all that into the very uncomplicated easy to use set of tools so you can decide which company to buy and at what price. In the end most investors just want to know what company to buy and when to buy and when to sell. Conscious Investor makes it easy!

View the Free Demo!

Access to our Daily Updated Data and Stock Prices – Every day the fundamental data and the prices for all the listed companies is updated

Access to which specific Companies you should focus on – Conscious Investor filters enable you to look at only a few stocks instead of thousands

Access to What Specific Price to Pay for the Stock Selected – After selecting the stock Conscious Investor suggests what specific price to pay for stock.

Access to Dr. Price’s Private Conference Calls – Dr. Price conducts conference calls that are exclusively for his subscribers. You can ask him any question you want during these conference calls while also listening to him answering questions from other subscribers.

You will be able to find the Golden Needle in the Haystack – However you will not have to spend hours upon hours of time consuming work to determine which stock is the right stock.

You will be able to “Virtually Invest” – Before you actually spend your own money you can invest virtually using your own online trading account.

You will receive Free Unlimited Support from a World Class Support Team – You will have support available to you for the life of your subscription. Our World Class Support team regularly receives “rave” reviews from our subscribers. We guarantee to respond to all questions whether big or small. Using the software is easy - but you will still have access to world-class support should you need it.

You receive our Privacy Guarantee – We will never sell or provide your information to others.

Quite likely you will have Peace of Mind on your Stock Investments for the First Time!


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