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Some of the Information You Will Find on our Site

  • How to Unlock the secrets of the “World’s Greatest Investor”
  • What is Conscious Investor?
  • How was Conscious Investor developed?
  • If this system is so good then why does Dr. Price want to share it with other people?
  • What results does Dr. Price get on his investments?
  • Does Conscious Investor help me to know when to sell?
  • Is Conscious Investor better at forecasting earnings than professional stock analysts?
  • How much would it cost me to just purchase all the fundamental data and prices?
  • Some stock selection programs give you so many stocks to choose from it makes the decision on which one to invest in difficult. How is your system different?
  • Can I use Conscious Investor to “Virtually Invest” before I invest my own funds?
  • Does Dr. Price post his Conscious Investor portfolio so we can see it anytime?
  • What kind of support is available if I have any questions?

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  • How is Conscious Investor different from other fundamental software packages on the market?
  • Why is it called Conscious Investor?
  • What do I get when I subscribe to Conscious Investor?
  • Read a letter from Warren Buffett
  • See FREE Demo videos of the software
  • View a sample analysis of a listed company
  • Learn about the model portfolio
  • Read investment articles by Dr. Price
  • Discover Sherlock Holmes and the Science of Investing
  • Get specific details on the Hidden Desires of Investors
  • Read in depth about the Golden Rules of Investing
  • Evaluate the benefit to you of the Conscious Investor Watch List
  • You can learn how to analyze stock in a similar way to Warren Buffet
  • You can find out about Conscious Investor and what happens when you combine a 10 year database with a sophisticated software tool and the science of a brilliant world renown mathematician and physicist
  • Evaluate independent research done on the performance of this software
  • You can see how individual investors can invest like Warren Buffett whether you are a novice or a professional
  • Find out what are the top 3 mistakes made by Buffett Wannabes
  • You can discover how to use this investment software to select the right company and what price to pay for it
  • You can find how new investors can use this stock market software to buy the right companies at the right price and know the right price to sell
  • You can identify the nine secrets of Warren Buffett who made his money investing in the stock market by simply using publicly available information
  • You can comprehend the science of picking good stock from all the listed stocks on the AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, as well as the Canadian and Australian exchanges.
  • You can view how a private investor can make smart decisions on stock purchases without having to be an expert in the stock market
  • You can uncover the secret to select stock that consistently is prudent and profitable
  • You can attend FREE stock market seminars when they are in your area
  • You can figure out how to connect the dots with the right share market analysis
  • You can arrive at your own conclusion as to why STAEGR is key to successful investments
  • You can gain knowledge as to why this stock analysis system works so well
  • You can use the stock investing tool described on the website to make your own decisions while saving time and money
  • You can get stock investment ideas by simply reading the valuable information on the website
  • You can learn how to use this stock market software as a stock investment resource
  • You can find out how you can use this stock investment tool to develop you own stock investment strategy
  • You can finally have peace of mind when you invest in the stock market because you do not have to depend on other people, gurus or tips etc.
  • You can see how this software to do the complicated stock market analysis for you in minutes per week
  • You can understand stock market basics
  • You can view demos on this stock market investing software and how it will help you to make prudent stock selections
  • You can witness how this stock software will help you develop your own stock market investment strategy
  • You can subscribe to a Free Stock Market newsletter
  • You can develop your personalized stock market strategy by changing the software filters
  • You can have a stock market successful trading strategy with a minimum of effort
  • You can realize how to create a stock market trading strategy that involves no trading or glitter stocks
  • You can ascertain why our stock market valuation tool is powerful but easy to use
  • You can scan stocks that are on NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, as well as the Canadian and Australian stocks
  • You can generate your own personalized stock scan with this powerful software
  • You can simply leave our default stock scanning settings or you can change them as you choose
  • You can determine how our stock scanning software will save you time and make you money
  • You can envision how to develop your own stock screen with this powerful software
  • You can get to know how to personalize your stock screen software
  • You can check out the difference between other stock screening and this stock screening software
  • You can make up your mind as to whether you will benefit from this stock screening tool and if you can use it to find the right companies at the right price
  • You can finally have a stock selection software that does the hard time consuming work for you
  • You can grasp details about the stock selection technique and why it works so well
  • You can formulate a stock strategy that works in good and bad markets
  • You can generate a stock trading strategy that does not involve constant attention on a day to day basis
  • You can educate yourself on the best way to do a stock valuation in a way that makes you money
  • You can find out how use this powerful stock valuation program with no risk
  • You can educate yourself about the stock valuation software in as much detail as you choose
  • You can read information about stock valuation techniques
  • You can acquire the details on how this stock valuation tool has been proven and tested by independent studies
  • You can gain knowledge on how to develop a strategy for stock investing that is consistent in all types of markets
  • You can determine how value investing is the key to Warren Buffett’s success
  • You can learn how an amateur investor can use this software to make the right decisions in terms of what stock to purchase and what price to pay for it
  • You will get all the relevant data on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) NASDAQ, the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSX Venture) You can review in depth all the Australian shares whether you are an Australian Investor or a US Investor or an Investor from any country.
  • You can review in depth all the stocks on the Canadian Stock Market whether you are a Canadian Investor or an US Investor or an Investor from any country.
  • You can get in depth reports analyzing stocks that compete with Bloomberg, MSN Money, CNBC and finance yahoo
  • You can read free articles about investing, learn the basics of stock market investing, and find the best way to invest money
  • You can find out about Charlie Munger – Warren Buffett’s Partner
  • You can learn how a Beginner Stock Market Investing person can achieve great results.
  • You can learn how The Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway views stocks that are valuable to purchase as well as what price to pay for them
  • You can decide for yourself if you do not think this is the Best Stock Software and you use it weekly for 12 months you can get a 100% refund
  • You can learn how to do Better Investing and protect your assets while achieving great results
  • You can learn how Warren Buffet investments are different and why they have been successful
  • You can learn the science of Buffettology and use it to your advantage in stock selection as well as determining what price to pay for the stock
  • Some people spell Buffettology with one t so it becomes Buffetology but that is only until they start to study Warren Buffett more carefully
  • John Price attends the Warren Buffett Annual Meeting to learn even the smallest of nuances on how Warren Buffett thinks and operates.
  • You will learn how to calculate the Buffett intrinsic value of a public company and how to use that in your analysis.
  • At Conscious Investor Buffettwatch is always on and we are always following what Warren Buffett is doing
  • You will learn how to calculate the intrinsic value of a listed company in Canada, the United States and Australia
  • You will learn how to use Conscious Investor to do a Canadian Stock Analysis of companies listed on the TSX and the TSX Venture
  • You can learn how to use Conscious Investor for Canadian Stock Investing as well as American and Australian Stock Investing
  • You can learn how to calculate a common stock valuation that makes sense when considering the past and the future
  • You can learn about the economic moat and how that will help protect you in your investments
  • You will get to finally have peace of mind when you invest in Public Companies
  • When you invest in shares in Australia you can use the same software stock analysis as you use for American Stocks
  • When you invest in stocks in Canada you can use the same software stock tool as you use for American Stocks
  • When you invest in the Stock Market you can have stock and share information at your fingertips updated daily
  • You can learn how investing in stocks or shares wisely does not have to take a lot of time each week
  • You can learn how investing in the Stock Market can be more predictable over the long term with the stock information provided
  • You can discover how the right investing information will make you money year after year
  • You can see how investing money does not have to be such a mystery when you are learning the stock market
  • You can learn how investing stock can be simplified and yet powerful with the Conscious Investor Stock Investment software tool
  • You can take use the investment system weekly for a full year and if you do not make back the cost of the investment when buying online stock you can get a 100% refund
  • You can save lots of time when using the investment tracking software to learn about shares or to learn about stocks
  • If you want to Learn Stock Market Success Formulas then Conscious Investor will provide you with the stock investment tools
  • If you want to learn stocks then all the stock market tools in Conscious Investor will make it easy for you
  • If you are just starting learning stock investment or you are a professional you will find the power of the system makes it simple and easy have the stock market information you need
  • If you want to succeed in stock market investing while saving time then you need powerful stock market investment tools like Conscious Investor
  • When you use the stock market tools in Conscious Investor you are using a powerful stock software designed to emulate Warren Buffets investing techniques
  • The Stock Research Tool in Conscious Investor helps you succeed when you start investing stock by providing you with the software stock valuation of the companies that meet certain criteria
  • When you want to do Share Analysis of Australian US or Canadian Stocks this Online Investment software will help you do it in the least possible time with the most accurate results
  • Online stock market investing software could help you make money in stocks if you follow the guidelines learned from the world’s greatest investor – Warren Buffett
  • If you are interested in making money in stocks then you need online financial tools especially if you are just starting to learn the stock market
  • If you are going to do online investing and learn market stock purchase techniques that work Conscious Investor has a track record of proven results
  • You can learn about online financial links in the software to MSN Money that are simply a click away

Warren Buffet has been referred to as the “World’s Greatest Investor”. For example, consider the following books:

“Warren Buffett Wealth: Principles and Practical Methods Used by the World's Greatest Investor”
by Robert P Miles ( ISBN: 0471465119) [ details ]

"Warren Buffett Speaks : Wit and Wisdom from the World's Greatest Investor"
by Janet Lowe ( ISBN: 047116996X) [ details ]

“The Warren Buffett Way – Investment Strategies of the World’s Greatest Investor”
by Robert Hagstrom ( ISBN: 0471177504) [ details ]


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