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The Conscious Investor® Software System

The best way to describe the Conscious Investor® software system is that it is like a limousine driven by an expert chauffeur who knows everything about how to safely get you where you want to go . All you need to do is tell the driver where to go and everything that is needed is called into action.

Simply put, the Conscious Investor® software and database is like helping you find a needle in a haystack without all the work.

The database can be updated everyday. Each time you click on import, hundreds of thousands of pieces of data are automatically put into the right places so that you can begin immediately looking for quality companies selling at profitable prices.

Conscious Investor® acts like a funnel

Starting with filtering an individual sector, or even the whole market, there are three pages in the software containing sliders corresponding to key areas of business success and investor requirements. With each of these sliders you can leave them where they are with the default settings or can can change them. In both cases they act like a funnel starting with the whole market and ending up with between one and two percent of the companies.

The next step is to use Conscious Investor to do further analysis on the companies that have lasted to this point. This is followed by the third step to determine if now is the time to buy stock in the remaining companies or to sell them if they are already in your portfolio.

If the current price is still too high to make a purchase (remember Warren Buffett says that you can pay too much for even the best of companies), then Conscious Investor will help you calculate a target price . This is the maximum price that you can pay to get your desired return under your margin of safety.

Similarly, if you are thinking of selling the stock, but the price is still too low, Conscious Investor will help you calculate a target price for selling.

To get further understanding of both the power of Conscious Investor and how easy it is to use, it is recommended that you register for the demo videos .

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