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Foundations of Conscious Investor

The ground breaking research that forms the powerful and unique basis of Conscious Investor was carried out by Professor John Price. John has been a Professor of Mathematics and of Finance at universities around the world. For over a decade he has dedicated his career to understanding the investment strategies of the world's most successful investors.

John Price PhD


Professor Price is arguably one of the world's foremost experts on the methods of Warren Buffett, who is the only stock market investor or trader on the Forbes Rich List.

John has developed an enviable global reputation as an expert in assisting ordinary people to obtain financial literacy. He has directly helped thousands of investors in 25 countries to successfully invest in the stock market.

Using his expertise as a research mathematician he has developed intellectual property that is now automated in Conscious Investor.


You could say the Conscious Investor journey really started almost forty years ago when John's fascination with unearthing secrets started. For the first 20 years his research career was focused on uncovering the secrets of nature in the fields of mathematics and physics. This resulted in over 60 papers in leading international journals and three books.

After that he turned to finance and the secrets of international financial markets. The result was another series of papers and two books plus a number of high-level consultancies with major international financial institutions.

Finally twelve years ago he turned to the stock market with the aim of uncovering the secrets of Warren Buffett.

A central characteristic of the way he thinks is that as soon as he has made a new discovery, he wants to do two things. Firstly, he wants to find all its practical consequences. Secondly, as an educator, he wants to make it available to the widest possible audience.

His aim is to help as many people as possible go from the deep secrets of Warren Buffett’s methods through to becoming successful investors.

John has developed large-scale risk systems for Bankers Trust and a futures trading system for the Australian Wool Board.

It was in July 2001 that the company Conscious Investing was formed as a platform to make the John's work as widely available as possible.

John has had more than 30 articles published in the financial press including Investmemt News, Chicago Sun-Times, My Wealth and Personal Investor Magazine and various radio and TV interviews[ details ].


A Message From The Conscious Investor Team

Our vision is to assist investors to live the lifestyle that they choose and to champion the causes that they believe in. As Warren Buffett said at a Berkshire Hathaway Annual General Meeting in 1991:

“We're not purely economic creatures. What's the sense of becoming rich if you're going to have a pattern of operations where you continually discard associations with people you like, admire and find interesting in order to earn a slightly higher figure? We like big figures, but not to the exclusion of everything else.”

An important feature of our company is that we see everyone who subscribes to Conscious Investor, who even just visits our website, as partners. We are partners in the great adventure of creating better lives for ourselves, for our families, and for our communities through regular investing in great companies.


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