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Wealth Eroding Companies

The Conscious Investor® selection process starts by eliminating risky stocks. Stocks that have high levels of debt, poor cash flow and unpredictable earnings growth. For example, consider the earnings history below of the two companies, the Celadon Group (on the left) and Bed bath and Beyond Inc (on the right).

Example of a Low Stability Stock

Example of a High Stability Stock

One of the primary thinhs that Conscious Investor does is to identify companies with growth and stability like Bed bath and Beyond on the right and avoid companies like Celadon on the left.

Many high profile companies – that you may be investing in now – are potentially wealth eroding! The Demo Videos will show you the high price you pay for being a part of the “crowd”.

The demonstration will show you how you can avoid “cash-poor” and wealth eroding companies, including

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those that are promoted heavily by brokers and the media.

You will also learn simple, common sense tests to determine the financial health of thousands USA, Canadian and Australian listed companies.

Most significantly, you will learn how proprietary intellectual property within Conscious Investor® allows our clients to forecast earnings growth (and therefore future stock prices). Conscious Investor allows you to forecast earnings with five times the accuracy of Analysts Forecasts ... [ more details ].

Something that is perhaps even more important. Just imagine how much enjoyable your life would be if you didn’t have to be continually worrying whether you have been landed with a stock that is gong to turn out to be a series of disasters.

How Do You Select Your Stocks?


“Neon stocks not the best buys”

[Australian Financial Review, 3/10/2003. Author: John Price, Executive Chairman, Conscious Investing Pty Ltd]

"How do Mr and Mrs Average Investor choose their stocks? Careful analysis of reports from stockbrokers? No time. Interviewing members of the board and senior management of the company? It's unlikely their calls would be returned.

How about looking at stocks with extreme price changes? Now you're getting closer.

If you add the "glitter" stocks that are in the news or have abnormally high trading volume, you'll have the bases well covered." [read the entire article]


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