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FAQ: How is the program and data supplied?
  1. Does Conscious Investor cover every listed company?
  2. How is the software delivered?
  3. Who supplies the data for Conscious Investor?
  4. How is the data downloaded?
  5. Do I need to be online to use the software?
  6. When is the data available?
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    Q Does Conscious Investor cover every listed company?

    Conscious Investor provides access to 10 years of fundamental data on all companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) for Australia, the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and NASDAQ for the USA and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and Toronto Venture Exchange in Canada. The USA database also covers also includes a range of major international companies; these are the so called ADR companies (American Depositary Receipt).

    Our databases are updated daily and are immediately available to subscribers.

    Q How is the software delivered?

    The software is downloaded over the Internet. The installation process is automated and therefore fairly simple.

    Q Who supplies the data for Conscious Investor?

    In the USA and Canada, Conscious Investor receives its data from Hemscott PLC ( who also supply data to Dow Jones's MarketWatch, SmartMoney and other major financial organizations. Hemscott has recently been purchased by Morningstar.

    In Australia, the data is supplied by Aspect Huntley ( who also service NineMSN, ComSec and other major financial organizations. Aspect Huntley has recently been purchased by Morningstar.

    Occasionally there will be slight differences between the data you see in Conscious Investor and the data supplied by other organizations. This is due to variations in the protocols of the data suppliers, particularly as to the treatment of nonrecurring items and extraordinary gains and losses in the earnings per share calculations.

    Q How is the data downloaded?

    The data download comes via the Internet and can be done daily, or as infrequently as you like.

    There are two types of downloads:
    1. DATA updates (only required when annual reports are released), and
    2. PRICE updates (can be done daily or whenever you use the software).

    Depending upon your processor speed and modem speed, the full data updates take between 2 - 3 minutes for Australian data, between 3 - 4 minutes for Canadian data, and between 10 - 15 minutes for USA data. (It is not just the time for the actual download. The software also performs preliminary indexing and sorting calculations.)

    The daily or price updates however only take between 30 seconds - 2 minutes for the Australian Data, between 1 - 2 minutes for the Canadian data and between 3 - 4 minutes (USA Data).

    Q Do I need to be online to use the software?

    Once you have downloaded the data or price updates, you don't need to be on the Internet to use the software. We also provide access to company summary sheets through the Internet.

    However you can print these reports out - so again you only need to be on the Internet at strategic times.

    In summary, you don't need to sit on the Internet while using the software if you don't want to be.

    Q When is the data available?

    Close of day price updates are available every day within hours of market closure.

    Interim, quarterly and preliminary final data is available through the software within 12-36 hours of the release of the report (i.e. quicker than if you had the report mailed to you). The interim and quarterly data is included in the What If Analysis Pages through the Earnings Per Share, Twelve Month Trailing figure.

    Final data (i.e. annual report data) is reflected in all the charting functionality etc.

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