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FAQ: General Queries
  1. What is the single most important step in buying a stock?
  2. What is value investing?
  3. What is the difference between value and growth investing?
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    Q What is the single most important step in buying a stock?

    The single most important step in buying a stock is to know why you are buying it. Most people spend more time in buying a refrigerator than in investing in a stock. Conscious Investor provides a rational step-by-step process for finding great companies and then determining target prices to buy them. When you implement these steps using Conscious Investor not only will you be taking care of your financial future, but you will also start to experience just how enjoyable and how much fun investing can be.

    Q What is value investing?

    According to Warren Buffett, it is redundant to add the word 'value' when talking about investing. If you are not looking for value when you are investing, then you are just not investing. This is the motivation for Conscious Investor. This powerful program will help you identify great companies at sensible prices rather than mediocre businesses which create worry and uncertainty no matter what price you paid for them. We want you to enjoy your investing.

    Q What is the difference between value and growth investing?

    Some analysts distinguish between value investing and growth investing. Value investing sometimes refers to the search for companies with low price-earnings ratios whereas growth investing focuses on companies with high price-earnings ratios. We don't use these terms in this way. Value is value, no matter what the price-earnings ratios or the price-to-book ratios are. Conscious investor is designed to search for those companies that give you value for your investment dollars.

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    Conscious Investing provides general advice and information, not individually targeted personalised advice. Advice from Conscious Investing does not take into account any investor’s particular investment objectives, financial situation and personal needs. Investors should assess for themselves whether the advice is appropriate to their individual investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs before making any investment decision on the basis of such general advice. Investors can make their own assessment of the advice or seek the assistance of a professional adviser.

    Investing entails some degree of risk. Investors should inform themselves of the risks involved before engaging in any investment.

    Conscious Investing endeavours to ensure accuracy and reliability of the information provided but does not accept any liability whatsoever, whether in tort or contract or otherwise, for any loss or damage arising from the use of Conscious Investing data and systems. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Information and advice provided here is not an offer to buy or sell securities. View the full Disclaimer.


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