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Fourth Generation Investment Software

“It’s like having your own personal investment expert in your computer.”

Investment software has come a long way from its origins as a “number crunching” tool to implement various stock analysis and evaluation functions. Conscious Investor, which now includes the Conscious Investor Wizard, is leading the way as Fourth Generation Investment Software.

Dr. John Price has personally programmed almost 20 different stock valuation methods. Next he studied and evaluated them all. As a starting point for Conscious Investor he chose the best ideas and then added many layers of research-proven developments and user-friendly innovations.

The final system combines the best of the high-speed calculation abilities of modern computers, the efficient management of stock market databases, and the advanced functionality of an expert system that provides analysis, knowledge and guidance at the touch of a button.

No matter whether you are new to investing or are an experienced professional, Conscious Investor provides everything that is required.

For new investors Conscious Investor is there to “hold your hand”. For example, it provides automatic explanations in plain English for key charts. These include descriptions and recommendations for further steps leading to an analysis of whether to buy, to sell or to do nothing under historical and safety settings. For experienced professionals it is a total system. It ranges from scanning individual sectors or the whole market using default or user-modified research-proven filters through to the calculation and analysis of the profitability of the stock under various safety and risk scenarios.

1st Generation: The first applications of computers to the stock market were to calculate standard well-known functions involved with the analysis and evaluation of equities. There was no associated database with the functions often working in a spreadsheet setting.

2nd Generation: This was the phase where databases involving fundamental and price data were integrated with calculation systems. This enabled the filtering or screening of thousands of stocks leading to an output of a small number of companies. The screening was done using various combinations of functions and measurements from the first level. Weighting to combine the measures into a single overall statistic for ranking purposes may be used.

3rd Generation: A thorough analysis of the functions in the first level showed their inadequacies and weaknesses. This third phase added completely new research-proven functions specifically designed to identify quality investments such as stability of growth and to introduce automatic safety settings for increased security.

4th Generation: Conscious Investor This starts with all the best features from the previous three levels including valuation methods that are theoretically sound and thoroughly back-tested. Then it integrates in a seamless way an expert system that
• guides and helps at all key points with just a click of the Wizard’s wand,
• describes and interprets key charts in plain English, and
• thoroughly analyzes whether it is best to buy, sell or do nothing under historical, safety and user-defined settings.

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