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U.S. 15 yr. performance starting with $10,000

Australian 15 yr. performance starting with $10,000

Find Wealth Winners®
    Extensive back testing and independent research
    Average annual return Conscious Investor® (US) 13.89% vs.
       S&P500 5.02% (15 yrs until Jan 2016)
    Average annual return Conscious Investor® total return (Aust)
       18.51% vs. All Ords Accumulation 7.77% (15 years
       until Jan 2016)
    Outperform the market... and much more

Save Time
    Scan thousands of companies in minutes
    Find great stocks on sale at bargain prices
    Know when to sell — and at what price

Cut Costs
    No more full service brokerage fees
    No more mutual fund fees
    No more financial management fees
    No hidden extras

The Conscious Investor
by Dr John Price
Read about the background to Conscious Investor:

The Conscious Investor
Available from Amazon

Read on ...
  ... to find out how in just a few minutes a week you can find the right stocks to buy, discover what price to pay for them, and know when to sell.  
What is Conscious Investor®?
Conscious Investor® is proven 4th generation technology that combines common sense with cutting edge tools to find great companies and calculating what price to pay for them ... and when to sell.

The software will assist you to determine what is an appropriate entry price so that you can sit back and wait for the market to provide the perfect buying opportunity.

Conscious Investor provides comprehensive "filters" which scan the entire market for stocks that meet the investment criteria based upon the ideas of Warren Buffett.

Conscious Investor is a highly sophisticated software and database of all listed stocks on the US, Canadian and Australian Exchanges (you can select one or two or all three countries).

This program is so powerful that you will only need to spend a fraction of the time you currently spend to determine which companies you will buy and at what price. Using the software you will usually spend less than 15 minutes a week to find the right companies.

Conscious Investor will help you identify great companies at sensible prices rather than mediocre businesses which create worry and uncertainty no matter what price you paid for them.

You do not need to wade through hundreds of stocks. Only a small number of stocks ever meet all the criteria at any given time.

New: Conscious Investor has now added a Wizard which provides automatic explanations in plain English for key charts. These include descriptions and recommendations for further steps leading to a thorough analysis of whether to buy, to sell or to do nothing, under historical and safety settings.

How was Conscious Investor developed?

Professor John Price has spent over 12 years developing the market proven complex formulas that work with consistency. It is these formulas in conjunction with the 10 year database of information that drive the success of the Conscious Investor system. The outcome is a very powerful yet simple tool to select great companies at the right price.

Dr. Price is recognized as a leading international authority on Warren Buffett's secretive investment strategies. He has appeared on Bloomberg Radio, Fox News, and Bloomberg Television. He was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, The Australian Financial Review, the Kiplinger Report, and many other well known financial journals.

Professor Price has published over 60 original papers in leading international journals, has written five books, and has published over 30 articles published in the popular financial press.

Professor John Price

The combination of his expertise in advanced mathematic models, his experience in computer programming, being an educator and having a passion to determine how one man used the stock market to become the world's greatest investor ultimately resulted in the creation of Conscious Investor.

He is the author of the acclaimed book The Conscious Investor: Profiting from The Timeless Value Approach.

Warren Buffett

If this system is so good then why does Dr. Price want to share it with other people?

The answer is simple. Dr. Price spent 35 years teaching math, physics and finance at universities around the world. His genetic makeup is one of an educator as you will see from all the information on this web site. His skill, honed by years of teaching at the graduate level, is to take complex situations and create simplicity around them. Since he does extremely well in the market, and since he makes money as a result of making his discovery available to investors, through Conscious Investor he is able to do both and everyone wins.

I have tried other systems before that sounded great but I did not make money. How can I be sure that I will make money using the Conscious Investor?

This is the only stock selection tool in the world that guarantees its results. If you use it and do not make the total purchase price back in profits during your first 12-month subscription period you receive a complete refund. All you have to do is simply update the data on a weekly basis which takes just a few minutes.

Does Conscious Investor help me to know when to sell?

Yes. The tools in Conscious Investor allow you to calculate selling prices and also to immediately compare the future profitability of any two companies. This makes it easy to determine whether you should keep one of your current stocks or sell it and buy a new one.

Is Conscious Investor better at forecasting earnings than professional stock analysts?

By performing a pre-screening, extensive research shows that Conscious Investor can forecast earnings of selected companies with five times the average accuracy of professional stock analysts in both the US and Australia.

How much would it cost me to just purchase all the fundamental data and prices?

To get the 10 year fundamental data and prices for the US listed stocks would cost you over $25,000 a year if you purchased it separately from a data supplier. But we can charge lower prices including all the data because we purchase it in bulk for our members. The software automatically places every piece of data into the correct spot in Conscious Investor saving you an incredible amount of time.

Some stock selection programs give you so many stocks to choose from it makes the decision on which one to invest in difficult. How is your system different?

Conscious Investor is so powerful it's like finding a needle in a haystack with the most powerful magnet on earth. The Conscious Investor software uses the massive database in conjunction with the complex formulas to determine which are the few stocks to consider – not hundreds or thousands but more in the order of 5 to 10 or so.

Can I use Conscious Investor to “Virtually Invest” before I invest my own funds?

Yes, you can select the stock using Conscious Investor and since Conscious Investor also will tell what price to pay you can simply follow the investment in an online portfolio from any one of the leading brokers or you can simply follow the progress yourself.

What kind of support is available if I have any questions?

The Conscious Investor support team regularly receives “rave” reviews from our subscribers. There are no questions too big or small for our team. We guarantee to respond to all questions. Using the software is easy - but you will still have access to world-class software support during your entire subscription period.

How is Conscious Investor different from other fundamental software packages on the market?

The fundamentals-based packages on the market are really mixtures of various ideas. In an attempt to attract as many subscribers as possible, they include all sorts of methods and approaches. The results are a mish-mash of ideas that leaves the subscribers confused about what they should do or should be looking for.

In contrast, Conscious Investor contains crystal clear selection procedures based on rational, time-tested principles for both buying and selling.

The second difference is that Conscious Investor contains proprietary tools developed over decades by Professor Price. It is not just a simple screening system based on a few standard ratios. It is a genuine quantum leap in the world of investing.

In this way in a few minutes you can weed out 95% of the stocks as “wealth hazards." These are stocks with various weaknesses that limit their possibility of being successful. At the same time, Conscious Investor locates those great companies selling at profitable prices to help you outperform the market.

The third difference is that Conscious Investor is designed for investors at all levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. It can even be used as a “black box” by simply investing in the stocks that come through the default filters.

Why is it called Conscious Investor?

The biggest cause of loss in investing is "unconscious Investing". But Conscious Investor is more than just a system that brings clear, rational principles into investing. We also support the the idea of conscious investing as investing in companies with products and services that you support, understand and quite likely use. This makes investing more successful and more fun while being a vote for a better society.

What do I get when I subscribe to Conscious Investor? Financial Services Guide

You do not have to worry that you spent money for a stock selection tool and you might not make enough in profits to pay for it. Dr. Price provides a totally risk free use of the Conscious Investor for the full year of your subscription
– If you simply update your data every week (a process that takes a couple minutes) and you have not at least made back the full cost of your subscription as a result of your investment returns, we will refund your total subscription at the end of your subscription.

Access to our 10 year database of fundamental data This includes all relevant balance sheet, income statement and related information on all the companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, the AMEX, the NYSE, NASDAQ and the TSX and TSX Venture companies. In addition, the database includes all the crucial market information such as market capitalization, prices and all the information needed to provide the data for the Conscious Investor’s complex formulas that will determine what is the right purchase price.

This database is updated daily and you can download updated information at any time you choose. You have a choice of which country to have and you can get the other one or two countries for a small additional charge.

How does Conscious Investor Determine the Purchase Price? The interlinking sophisticated algorithms take the financial information from the 10 years of balance sheets and income statements, combines it with the market data for the same period and develops its trademarked answers so you can determine which is the right purchase price and which is the right sale price. Exactly how the program does it can best be described as taking an almost unmanageable amount of data, ratios etc. and quite simply translating all that into the very uncomplicated easy to use set of tools so you can decide which company to buy and at what price. In the end most investors just want to know what company to buy and when to buy and when to sell. Conscious Investor makes it easy!

Access to our Daily Updated Data and Stock Prices – Every day the fundamental data and the prices for all the listed companies is updated

Access to which specific Companies you should focus on – Conscious Investor filters enable you to look at only a few stocks instead of thousands

Access to What Specific Price to Pay for the Stock Selected – After selecting the stock Conscious Investor suggests what specific price to pay for stock.

Access to the Dr. Price’s Private Conference Calls – Dr. Price conducts conference calls that are exclusively for his subscribers. You can ask him any question you want during these conference calls while also listening to him answering questions from other subscribers.

You will be able to find the Golden Needle in the Haystack – However you will not have to spend hours upon hours of time consuming work to determine which stock is the right stock.

You will be able to “Virtually Invest” – Before you actually spend your own money you can invest virtually using your own online trading account.

You will receive Free Unlimited Support from a World Class Support Team – You will have support available to you for the life of your subscription. Our World Class Support team regularly receives “rave” reviews from our subscribers. We guarantee to respond to all questions whether big or small. Using the software is easy - but you will still have access to world-class support should you need it.

You receive our Privacy Guarantee – We will never sell or provide your information to others.

Quite likely you will have Peace of Mind on your Stock Investments for the First Time!

Get started straight away. No Waiting. Subscribe now.

Conscious Investor® is a registered trade mark in the US and Australia. Other trade marks used on this site and in Conscious Investor include Staegr®™, Hgrowth™, Stret™, Stretd®™, Targ™ and Targd®™. Staegr®, Stretd® and Targd® are registered trade marks in Australia.
All trade marks are used under license.
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