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Conscious Investor® is the cutting edge investment system that allows you to “put
Buffett's brain in your computer
”. Now it has a Wizard to make it even easier to
find great companies selling at profitable prices!

The Conscious Investor Wizard:

  • 4th generation investment software
  • The Complete Investing Expert System
  • Click on the magic wand anytime for detailed descriptions and education
Detailed descriptions and analysis
  • Key charts of fundamental data with expert descriptions for every stock
  • Stock Investing NEVER before made so simple
  • Automatically calculates a 'Margin of Safety' for each stock
  • Almost 6000 US Stocks, over 3,000 Canadian stocks and every stock on the Australian stock market
  • 10-year fundamental database updated daily!
  • Automatically calculates stock return based on a protective buffer against market volatility and business performance
  • Pinpoints 'Buffett-Like' stocks with incredible speed eliminating disasters like Enron and WorldCom
  • Assists you in calculating the right price to pay for each stock—and when to sell.

Click [ here ] to see a brief video of the Wizard.

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